Rolo Tomassi - Eternal Youth

Hmmm, it was there just a minute ago, but now I get a 404: link

The link at that post didn't resolve for me anyway (mighty quick takedown!), but maybe they'll create a new post with a new link.

If not, Google blog search seems to work.

Rolo Tomassi is really great. This is a 2-CD release also, so there is a lot here to love: 36 tracks, including about 8 remixes and some acoustic versions.
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A very good, summery new album  (2011) by Mock Orange. And now I stop bothering you with this band for a couple of years I suppose.

Wednesday Records


1. End Of The World
2. Feel It Now
3. Going Away
4. Grow Your Soul Away
5. I Can Sing
6. My Car
7. Roll Your Eyes
8. Sidelwalk
9. Silent Motion
10. Stop and Go

Musical Mathematics comp

Another post from Every Bunny Nestle that this community will enjoy: Musical Mathematics comp. From the blog post:
"...a really great compilation of the current stars of math rock. Featuring some of our favorites like Noumenon, Tera Melos, and Native, as well as some great bands I'd never heard of. Well worth the free download."

Download is via Bandcamp.
Blog post is here