clastic - somnambulist

clastic has a new 7-track ep called somnambulist. it's better produced and more grown-up than the first ep. it's also not for free like the previous one but you can listen to three tracks on bandcamp. if you like enemies, vessels, and so i watch you from afar you should  give it a try. definitely worth the 5€
clastic - somnambulist

Invalids - Eunoia

Holy shit! This stuff is insane! This is a must listen.
One guy in Oregon, one guy in Pennsylvania; they've never met in person.

I don't have a DL link, but this one is worth the $8.

From the bandcamp page
Fun Facts:
No picks were used in the making of this album.
All guitars are in open tuning (example, low to high, open E: E B E Ab B E). Bass is in standard tuning.
Every song has some sort of allusion or Easter egg referencing another song, be it from popular music or from friends of mine.
We are nice and approachable and will teach you how to play the songs if you want; i.e. -> TABS (; everything is tabbed using a wonderful program called Tabit, which is needed to open the files in the link above. Get Tabit, know our secrets


Hello folks, just thought you might be interested to know that there is a new band from ex-members of Pennines and Super Tennis, called Ballgame. We've not been going for long but we've got a few rough recordings of some songs up on a vimeo account:

We should hopefully be ready to record an album soon, and all things going to plan should be doing a European tour next Spring.

Hopefully you guys will dig it, apologies for the spam if not!